Terms and Condition


1. Considering the privacy, the software company will not use and disclose the information of the said software.

2. The software company will bear the responsibility of maintenance if any problem occurs in the existing services in the software.

3. The software company will keep the data backup every month. That backup can be restored through the application.

4. If the service has to be stopped for any reason, it must be informed 6 months in advance.

5. Annual service charge of 3 thousand rupees, must be paid at the beginning of the year. Hosting up to 2 GB will be provided. Invoicing will be done by year.

6. In case of any new service or service connection, the cost should be borne according to the prevailing market rate.

7. The software company will not be responsible for any loss of software or software data due to natural and mechanical or any other accidental reasons.

8. All users must change their password at their own responsibility. If the password is lost or forgotten for any reason, the software company must be contacted directly.

9. The software company will not be responsible if any data is accidentally deleted from the panel of admins.

10. The 1st party shall not be liable for any illegal activity and may take any legal or necessary action.

Software Feature

01. POS (Point of sale)

02. Add Purchase

03. Manage Purchase

04. Stock Manage

05. Add Product

06. Manage Product

07. Add category

08. Manage category

09. Add Brand

10. Manage Brand

11. Add Expenses

12. Manage Expenses

13. Add Payments

14. Manage Payments

15. Add Customer

16. Manage Customer

17. Add Suppliers

18. Manage Suppliers

19. Software Setting

20. Daily Backup

21. Damage

22. Return

23. Top Customer Report

24. Low Stock Report

25. Purchase Report

26. Barcode System

27. Promotional SMS

28. Owners Management

29. Bank Accounts

30. Dynamic Unit

31. 15+ Reports

32. Challan Print