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WordPress CMS

Recent research shows 66% of the CMS-built sites WordPress, and it also covers 35% of websites of the Whole Internet. Why? Because it’s the most smartest, easiest, and reliable solution rather than any CMS that’s why none of them are unable to stand out behind WordPress. If you are genuinely looking for web design and development in Bangladesh, then it would be the most cost-effective and reliable way every way. Because you can virtually build any type of business website just in your budget. So if you convince yourself to give your audience the most outstanding experience more than anyone on your industry, then we highly suggest you to choose WordPress for your advantages. Because it’s obviously the smartest open-source content management system, and Google loves it more than any other CMS provenly, and the opportunity for the business with WordPress is endless.


Laravel Framework

If you do research and notice carefully in the web app, you will see most of the popular app on the United States, United Kingdom, and China are made by Laravel. There are millions of websites designed with laravel, and historically it’s truly very satisfying for the user, and you would immediately translate the language for different audiences and countries. So why it massively popular globally? Because making websites, as well as web apps, is more profitable, easy to maintain, and purely stable and all the way faster to get the outrageous user experience. And the more you want your audience to stay long on your site. It’s possible with laravel to make that happen. You may ask yourself, is that okay to Web Development In Bangladesh through larval? Absolutely yes, and the good news is so many businesses over the years using laravel with a lot of success.

You must have a Website

Custom Software Development

The modern website represents 90% of your business structure. The audience will think, feel, understand and evaluate your product and service and finally determine to take action. And awesome looking website naturally able to connect with the audience in a way, so they instantly find it embracing. You may have a good product, but without representing it the good way, people wouldn’t feel the urgency to order your product. You may have good service, but the poor quality design will kill the authentic power of it because it looks so bad. So, however, you do you need AUDIENCE FOCUSED beautiful look for your business site if you want more customer, buyer or audience all the same. And SOFTGHOR dedicated to providing you the unique and creative looking website that automatically allows you to simply get a good impression in your market and it also positions your brand too soon. So finally, when you determine and find your own suitable cause to create a website that not only shows who you are but also reinforces your business to go beyond with design then SOFTGHOR always on your side to influence your success.

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Design Structure For Your Website


Audience Focused Design

It’s MARKETING words that give the audience what they want, need, and desire about. That does not only makes them happy but also forces your business to grow. Where is the SOFTGHOR comes in and stands for designing and developing your business website rather than just beautiful. Because we believe a nicest looking audience-focused design is the asset for a business that automatically empowers the brand quality to grow more and more. And the beauty of an elite unique design it will shape your business website in a satisfying way that you would always take the practical advantages from your suitable investment.


Fully Customized Design

What would it happen if you visit a website and find the design structure is poor, takes so long time to load, and hard to find the “Menus” of your interest? Doesn’t it painful somehow? It can be even more painful if the color bothers you instantly. Your audience feels the same when they visit a website and get bothered with irrelevant stuff. That’s why we seriously take the customized design that provenly helps a particular audience to digest your messages and find their own reasons to follow your recommendation. Would you like to give your audience an extraordinary experience better than your BIGGEST COMPETITORs website? Just try us and see what happen?


Completely Responsive

The devices of the modern world are endless, like Android Devices, iPhone, Blackberry, Tab, Desktop, and Laptop, and the list goes on. So you never know exactly which device is using your customer right now to visit your website. Here is the responsive design that comes in, and it allows you to match every one of your audience devices without letting anyone know. Research shows most of the audience comes to the website through the mobile phone, and mobile user experience is regularly developing; that’s why every business must pay attention to it for their own advantages as soon as possible.

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Why You Must Have A Nicest Looking Website

The True Advantages Of Outstanding Website

Fastest Speed Ever

Have you ever visited any website and skip it instantly for the low-speed issues. Actually, your audience or subject don’t have much time to spend on slow pages.

So you must prepare your site structure in a way that automatically influences your audience to stay on your site, pay undivided attention to your material, and accept or buy whatever you are offering.

And the more quickly and naturally you would able to increase the performance of your website. The more audience you will easily get from your advertising, effort, and the more you grow so fast.

Custom Software Development Agency in Bangladesh

Trend Focused Design

Custom Software Develoment Company

The trend is the most profound insider weapon for digital business growth to win the game.

You have to understand what’s going on in your industry.

You have to pay attention more deeply what are the true motivation of your audience.

You have to focus on the current trend.

And it’s all together would naturally create the enormous value to your audience mind. So they consciously and unconsciously find the true value of your brand and business to close the deal buy the product or service you want them to buy. And if you miss this term anyway, that would leave the money on the table.

Represent Authenticity

Best Custom Software Development Agency in Bangladesh

Every time you are in front of your audience or they visit your site requires to believe everything you are doing is true from their side.

Because if something anyway proves your messages or brand or product unable to serve their need, they will instantly go away.

And when you want them to stay approach differently.

Now if your website does the opposite like instantly connect audience through design and make-believe everything prepared what they are really looking for and make sense all the way.

Then it automatically binds them to create an authentic connection with the audience, and finally they believe you and as a result want your product too.

It’s More Than Web Design

100% Secure All The Time

Hackers are getting smarter day by day. And you may hear every day there are hundreds to thousands of websites get hacked for multiple reasons. They will steal your audience; Google will place your website in the blacklist that also damages your revenue too.

So it tremendously crucial to keep the website secure all the time and avoid the deadly managed that may happen. And SOFTGHOR offering the strong security that you may not ever experience before.

Get Instant Attention

Content is the asset of a website, but without a good design, the audience does not pay attention to the very first time. It’s said… ” First Impression Magic”. So the immediately and naturally you would able to get audience attention and what you are offering for them too.

The more your stunning design would allow you to build your Empire through design. So before doing anything hard just design your site that creates value in the practical world.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Very simply, it provides the audience very extraordinary and unique experience, so they immediately and consciously judge you are truly there for help, and when they find value in your website they will take your offer too soon.

60 % of the clients of SOFTGHOR demands custom design because sometimes they think they have a smart idea, other time we just combined our ideas to design the best way. And if you have the plan for a custom design, you are welcome to get it.

Surely. If your current design you might feel doesn’t meet the user needs then obviously you must make it a better version of it anyway.

We hold completely expert WordPress developer and Laravel framework specialist. If your requirement meets the needs of any of this, then it’s your time to make your website great.

There are multiple ways firstly tell and explain your thought with our expert. They will provide an exact roadmap of how they can practically help you for better.

It because of the design flexibility, user-friendly, fastest and easy to customize wit lot of resources and all the biggest search engine loves WordPress website so much.

Obviously, you can order the e-commerce website following your specific industry requirements, and we design different type of e-commerce every way our client demand.

Because we promise the convenient website at the cost-effective price and friendly customer support that nobody does all together when it comes to the web design and development in Bangladesh.