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Filtered Water Distribution Management Software In BD

Effortlessly Manage Territory, Customer, & Water Delivery In One Place.

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Your Ultimate Water Management Software

Features & Advantages Of The Software
Add Local Area

Check Due Customer Money.

Monitor Area wise Due Money.

View Area Wise Reporting.

Know Your Monthly Spend.

Add Specific Customer Database.

View Area Wise Customer Database.

Create Distribution Summary.

Check Distribution Summary Instantly.

Check Area wise Water Distribution.

Date Wise Check all report searching date.

Print Full Months Invoice In A Minute.

View All the customer list using one dashboard.

Add Payment Daily & Check The Summery Every Time You Need It.

Create Automated INVOICE For EVERY Individual Client Or Customer.

Know-How Your Current Month Spend & Identify The Revenue.

Capacity To Add Unlimited Customer In Your Panel And Much More.

Also Ability To Update The Customer Feature Just Telling Us What You Want More Precisely.

How It Really Designed


Most of the water distribution software you will see on the market designed with a quite tough process to maintain. They don’t focus on how to keep it easy. Maybe they think it requires more people to manage; maybe it’s not their concern to make the process easier. Maybe they don’t focus on it to make it the way you would quickly handle this software. But It creates the job a little more overwhelming for general people to understand the feature faster.

Easy Maintenance System

When your water business has so many customers, it’s literally hard to maintain those properly through the analog system. Because as you know, you may have so many necessary documents, customer information, payment method, and much more then how would you plan for all of those? SoftGhor water distribution software allows you to maintain all those together very organized mode. So it doesn’t matter whether you have hundreds of customers in the specific area, or more territory or thousands of customers you can easily maintain them just snape of your finger.

Make The Job Done Easily

When the digital world developing so many tools, strategies, and techniques to make your job efficiently great, then why wouldn’t you consider yourself to take this massive opportunity to transform your business to the next level? Anything you can imagine today it possible to create software for this specific need. Our software is totally customized every way you can take outstanding experience from it. So if you want to make more things done, to get more out of your investment, then see how SoftGhor makes this easier for you.

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WHY Water Filter Distribution Management Software?

When you think about the population of Bangladesh and especially In Dhaka city immediately, you will notice the water supply is increasing a very larger scale day after day. And sorry to say when the population is increasing, there is no doubt people need more water from the previous day. That is undoubtedly one of the practical reasons the filter distribution service is going to popular day by day.

But the challenge here it requires maintaining too much EXTRA maintenance likewise other so many regular businesses. You may have so many customer databases for every single customer.

How many people are you serving? How many waters every individual person takes from you? How many larger-scale customers you have, The Average Income, Profit, Maintenance, Production Cost, Bank Loan you have, Employee Cost, Transport cost, etc. All of those elements are reasonably so crucial to understand and maintain carefully.

When you just start this business, you may get overwhelmed to do all the things. And anyway if you are unable to do those things correctly, it will waste your time, take you more people, make more error and end of the months you would be AMAZED why it’s happening to you? Before being shocked, ask yourself what can be the wisest, smartest, and innovative way to do that? BUT don’t worry. To reduce your regular challenges, save your time, make you more money with less work “SoftGhor” offering you the revolutionary AUTOMATED Water Distribution Software. That specially designed to make all the water business quickly and smoothly run and go beyond it. You would able to manage, customize, and filter everything your own structure run, grow, and EXPAND your business in the digital environment. Anything wrong with your water supply business???

The True Beauty Of

Water Distribution Management Software

ENJOY The Innovation In Your Internal Management

Super Speedy Customization

Pure customization is the most convenient element of maintaining software and run smoothly; however, you want.

But it can be truly a tough task if the software is NOT well built with proper concentration. In the opposite way, you can experience the super speedy user experience while it designed in a quite functional way.

“SOftGhor” offers you technically and smoothly handling the process that not only gives you much better user flexibility but also allows you to run the way you want to make your job easier.

Take Fewer People To Operate

For the manual or paperwork, you may have experienced so many mistakes employees make, whether they are dealing with all kinds of accounting tasks as well as customer information management.

It natural to make the mistake that way, and sometimes you never know what kind of exact challenge going inside because of it so many documents there.

It also takes multiple brains to solve and maintain all the challenges to grow your business. Have you ever notice the more employees you hire, the more you have to pay that requires so much money without consideration?

But “SoftGhor” water distribution assists you in doing all those only one or two employs those who just operate the software. Interestingly you will get all the necessary train from our expert and any of your employees you want to train properly for your success.


Save Time, Energy & Money

Time, energy, and money are always the key ingredient for every business on the planet. The more you save and care those congruently. It automatically gives you more and more opportunities for larger growth. You may have a challenge with managing because more thing needs to be done. You may challenge with the employee and don’t want to hire too many of them. But this software designed with all the consequences that can occur in your water distribution business and solve one after another that hopefully gives you to save a big amount of money.


Manage More Customer & Clients

When the water supply business starts growing, the massive number of customers & the clients are also increasing day by day. As a result, the activities getting harder to maintain all the necessary customer information. It also can be more disappointing if you any way miss receiving the payment. So the beauty here the water distribution management software; it will manage your customer more precisely without facing any challenge because the software can manage millions of people in one place following the essentials.

Most Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Who Need The Water Distribution Management Software?

Everyone who directly involved with the water supply business to make adequate progress from work, organize and manage all those together efficiently is need this software and smartly get everything done.

Can Multiple User Use This Software Together?

Obviously, anyone, you permit to use this software, and they have the user access can use this software.

Is that The Software Is Secured?

It’s completely secured software designed with expert developers those who know how efficiently built software for extraordinary user experience.

How Many Customers Can I Maintain Using This Software?

Its countless customers in your specific territory. You can manage each and everything you need to keep track of your business, whether it’s delivery the water or count the sale of months doesn’t matter.

Is That Necessary To Hire A Team To Operate This Necessary?

Not for any reason. Because we promised to reduce your work from the place you are NOW. You would able to get everything in one place, manage it by yourself, and save more money in so many ways that you could ever imagine before.

Do You Have Any Training To Operate The Software?

YES, you will get an extensively easy training system that allows you to maintain it your own without having a single challenge. Anything comes to difficult for you for any time just let us know immediately we would help you solve your problem.

Is The Software Has A Proper History Of The Monthly Report?

You have a wide range of flexibility with your software. You can track every single customer history, payment, delivery, cost everything you need your way.

Can I Update My Software Following Our Recommendation?

You can update the software whenever you need it. Just tell us your requirements, and the “SOFTGHOR” developer will update it the way you ask for.

How Does The Software Save More Money?

So many ways you can use this software. You don’t need too many employees to manage your document or regular task. You can manage dozens of territory every way you want. You can check customer history when you need and on and on.

If I Carelessly Delete Any Date For Any Reason How Can I Get It Back?

If you unconsciously delete any necessary document, don’t overwhelm for a single second. Just call our developer; they will immediately help you to get it back, but ONE thing to remember… DO it instantly; otherwise, it can be a little hard to recover.