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Filter Water Distribution Management Software

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In this present trend, the high quality business is the filter water distribution business. The use of accounting accounts like other businesses is also very well known in this business. But as soon as the customers/ buyers/ subscribers increases, keeping the records/ accounting gets more complicated. Along with the time of purchase keeping accounts of how much money is pending or how much money is left on such areas becomes difficult

The use of software can ease the complexity of business management. And to proceed with this goal, “SOFT-GHOR” came with modern and digital solutions for the water service providers. And trust me! This will help you keep your daily accounts


Water Distribution Software includes?


  1. Area can be added.
  2. Customers can be added.
  3. You can know how much money is left to someone?
  4. How much money left in different areas can also be known.
  5. Various reports based on area can be seen.
  6. Area-based customers can be added
  7. Daily Distribution can be added.
  8. Area-specific distribution can be done.
  9. Distribution Summary can be seen.
  10. Daily payment can be added.
  11. Payment summary can be seen.
  1. Automatically invoice will be created for all customers. And that will reduce your work a lot.
  2. All reports will be viewed by date to date search.
  3. Cost calculation can be kept.
  4. You will also know how much money was spent in a month?
  5. How much money has been spent in different fields can be known.
  6. You can print all invoice together of all months.
  7. All the customer lists will be listed and visible together.
  8. Unlimited customers can be added.
  9. Still, besides that, there are many more features that will solve many of your current problems.