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Viral Video & Animation Services in BD

Tell your story that actively engage your audience

In order to ENGAGE & Generate Acton

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Video animation in Bangladesh

Audience Boosting (Video & Animation Creation)

Create ultimate standard videos following TRENDS!

Brand Building Video Creation

In the world of digital branding is going to outrageously smarter and smarter. But get customer attention today is also getting harder than before. To deal with this challenging time, branding video will give the enormous power to effortlessly connect with your audience. So they immediately find the core value in your message to act upon for their real advantages. And when you create the extraordinary video for the largest group of people, audience, or subject. Then nothing can be empowering than real beautiful video.

Powerful Video Presentation

Are you a trainer, marketer, or teacher, and find yourself to train your students politely so everything they would easily understand? Are you an influencer in your industry and need the sequential video to send out your message. So everyone can easily digest your message and feel fantastic about your presentation. “SoftGhor” video editing will give you an extensive level of power to influence and persuade your audience in your way. So they consciously think anything and everything you are teaching or sharing has the structural value to follow along and let your business grow at the same time.

Product Selling Video Advertising

Do you have a product to sell in the individual market? Are you managing an e-commerce business where hundreds of products you need to sell? Are you producing the product to radically transform your business selling product through advertising? Never worry at all. It all possible today using mind-blowing video advertising as a profitable tool. That automatically reinforce your product selling process using video and make your audience every word you say is important to take action or buy your product to full-fill their desire.

Awareness Building Video Creation

It doesn’t matter whether you are managing NGOs or any other social community to connect with a massive audience or want to influence a large community using video. Now YOU have all those choices together. And create authoritative awareness so people can get your message right, share with others, and do the right thing the way you want them to. And ‘softghor’ video service will assists you in creating very affectionate, emotionally involving video that not only gives you the outstanding experience of your viewers. But also make them realize everything should be followed or maintained by themselves to enjoy the successful journey of life.

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Why Video Advertising?

Video considered as a pure gold of advertising today. Whenever you are in business, whether it’s branding or bonding or making a deeper level of connection with the audience, the video will give so much value rather than anything that you could use before.

There are 1 billion people globally watch the video at least one hour a day. And 75% of them watch through mobile phones. 60% of the customers learn about the product through video, and 90% of them like to share the likable video with other people. So if you ask yourself why video has so much value rather than anything from other content? Why should you have videos or animation types of visuals in the content marketing plan? And there is a lot more to ask, and the list goes on and on and on.

Research shows… there is a lot more reason psychological, brain functionality, and experience that instantly give the audience so secure emotional experience to connect with your video. And viewers also immediately feel the connection you want them to fell and take the necessary action for them to take the entire advantage.

And “SoftGhor” offering you exactly the same to transform your brand using video. Have any questions?

What Standard Video Capable for…?

Produce shockingly unforgatable video  and eat your competitor ALIVE!

Win Prospect Attention

The tremendously powerful way to win the customer’s focus on your messages is VIDEO. And when you uniquely create luxurious video. Then it would be the wisest decision you could ever make before. Because however, it happens for the business you need more customer to become successful from your effort and investment. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the b2b or b2c business, or anything goes under this category. And well-organized advertising video irresistibly creates super attention from your audience to win their heart more naturally and faster than your competitor.

Make Audience Fully Engage

One of the greatest marketer Frank Kern said…”Its not followers or likes it all about engagement, and the more you able to engage your audience through your content. The easily you would able to bring success from your video advertising naturally and readily. But if you don’t know which type of video works best in your specific market, or you have no idea what so ever about your audience’s taste. Then that would be the challenge to rethink it one more time. Don’t freak out “softghor” offering you the real instructional persuasive video that purely makes your audience fully engaged in welcoming your product for good.

Create Strong Connection

People don’t care about the right product or service unless they feel its really for them to deal with their challenges or enjoy it for a better journey. And every time you create a brilliant quality video, it forces them to take your offer for their reasons. You may ask yourself it that possible to influence the mass group of people through video or animation video. The answer is you can do it very quickly rather than any other content. Because the video is a combination of all that the human mind follows anyway. You have written words there; you have images, you have others visual in combined in your video to more functionally to take the pure advantages.

Offer More Action

Requesting buy, buy, buy… fell like an annoying approach toady in the modern world. Because the psychology of sales has been developed so far as a real dynamic tool. And the hard truth people don’t care about it …OR…start disliking someone who tries to sell something to them. And practically, nobody wants to be sold unless it’s their own idea.

Requesting buy, buy, buy… fell like an annoying approach toady in the modern world. Because the psychology of sales has been developed so far as a real dynamic tool. And the hard truth people don’t care about it …OR…start disliking someone who tries to sell something to them. And practically, nobody wants to be sold unless it’s their own idea.

The Super-Ultra Power Of Video Advertising

Increase More Audience

The audience is the first most important for every one of the businesses. Because your product has no value if nobody is buying it, but if you have the right audience, then selling it nothing but FUN and increasing money on the bank. How?

As you can see, video ad has hundreds of more reach rather than other content. So you would dramatically increase the more audience to increase the number of videos. So the more quality video you produce, the faster business growth you can expect supernaturally. If you don’t know how???

Don’t worry. We will show you exactly how to step by step, and you could go along the sequence to consistently create beautiful video and grow your business. here

Engage Customer Precisely

Advertising is surely one of the biggest forms of art that most of the general people never realize. Actually, it also not necessary for every to understand how it works, but people act upon it automatically.

Because everyone on the planet needs to use their regular product or essential elements, or eat, or use anyway. And when you create that straightly go inside the prospect needs, they will automatically go for it.

If you notice carefully you will see, we all want a good experience, we all want good taste, and also we all want to stay secure as well as we all avoid the risk.

But the combination of all gives prospect different tastes sometimes passively sometimes actively. And the good news is a well-structured video gives your audience a unique type of urgency that congruently makes to experience your product anyway.

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Simply, Send Your Message Out

Video is the simplest form to send your message out. It does not matter whether you are servicing the motor industry or daily groceries. It quickly digests everyone. A business can easily create a super responsive story, and the regular audience follows anyway and go for it.

Now you can think about how it possible to simply send your message out so your audience quickly gets the proper understanding about your offer they need to know..and..

they follow your recommendation, take your product, and love it even more?

Here is the real magic. “Softghor” gives you a real powerful structural story-based video that represents your business shockingly powerful way to get you there.

And the faster the action you take, the smarter position your business would earn sooner.

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Create Super Urgency

After getting the audience attention the best thing you can do in your video to create urgency and needs. People don’t take action unless they are in danger, people don’t take action unless they find them in a very challenging situation. And when you able to create die-hard urgency through your video ad copy. They will instantly find their own causes to buy your produt or take your service …or… follow your advice to be safe. So it’s a good decision for having the stand quality video in your advertising to gain the trust of your audience, creates super urgency from their side, and welcome them to experience whatever you are offering now. Want to Make it easier? Call…

Get Instant Attention

When you have a good quality customer in your sales circle, selling is just an automated process to accomplish. Crying for sales, begging for help doesn’t work in the real world business today. Typically, it didn’t work the previous day too. You have to have goodwill to win the mass market or tiniest group of people. And if you can prove it through your true story, the way our video advertising and animation does. It will increase your success ratio more than ten times better. So always keep your mind open to using the modern structural video advertising method. That still has real value to the real people to grow beyond.

Why Video Is Super Effective For Digital Advertising?


Strong Visual

The beauty of professional video advertising is it’s instantly getting the viewer’s mind so subjectively. Think for not every person in Bangladesh. And truthfully, they all are not your target customer except some group of them. We create videos that get the attention of that specific group who already that particular kind of feeling about the product you are selling. The biggest mistake 80% of the poor adverting make. They go for advertising without knowing what to say and say it right. And “SoftGhor” offers some practical approach that’s working now. It tested proven video structure that does branding and brings sales, making higher ROI altogether. So if you want to give your target industry a lot more fun and enjoyable experience, then here it the right place to tack massive action.

Art of Storytelling

The story is stronger than anything on the planet, especially in advertising. And we give the most insider story that you never thought it already exits with a completely ethical way to persuade your audience objection just like the snap of a finger.

Do you want to say something genuinely different that naturally build your reputation?

Do you want to emotionally and logically bond with your audience that genuinely represents you are honest to serve their need, solve their problems, or give the extraordinary experience that they ever had before?

Do you want to become an authority in your industry through your structure to prove who you are?

In advertising, there is so much magic pill inside to assist you and enhance your ability to grow and make a profit at the same time.

Easy To Understand

Simplicity is the best version of advertising to target any market in Bangladesh, any business, any specific community here. It naturally makes your communication easier to understand, so the audience never needs to explore who you are all about in your business. But they know by themself by watching your video.

If you see the recent Statistics of video engagement, it gets 300% more traffic rather than any other content in the digital audience.

That not all…. the website landing page with video convert 80% higher than the general. Research shows video has the highest most powerful impact on the digital media that breaks all the previous records in the history of advertising.

So you can have this advantage to transform YOUR businesses that radically and congruently increase the amount of money, customer sales, and reputation altogether. Want it all? Book Your Video.

Most Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

What Is Video Advertising?

Its a structure of advertising that designed with focusing the video content on getting more audience to grow the business or brand.

Where Can I Use Video Advertising Or Animated Video?

There is an unlimited area of business where you can immediately implement video. It can be for creating more awareness in your market. It can be promotional to launce your product; it can be sales or anything you want to make more connection with the audience you want to serve.

Why Is Video Crucial For Business?

Because Video create phenomenal emotional bond between brand and the audience to get what YOU want from your advertising

Is That Video Assist The Branding?

Surely it does help a lot. A very persuasive video is a very influential tool that firmly helps brands to grow more and more.

Can I Increase More Sell-Through Video Advertising?

You can. When you know the very exact element of your sales pitch, what to say how to say it persuasive way, it represents genuine value to the audience, so they automatically convince themselves to buy your product or take the service without any doubt.

Where Should I Use Video?

Every digital marketing channel you are using, you can use Video. It doesn’t matter whether its Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Website, or any marketing are on the digital media.

Could I Get The Video Script From You?

Yes, obviously, you would get both. You will get the Video following your script. You will also get our help if you never heard the video script.

If I Have No Video Idea, Can I Get Help From ``Softghor``?

Surely, as we said, you have both options to choose whether you have an idea or not, you are welcome to get both help any way you request.

What Is The Best Way To Create A Video Campaign?

It mostly depends on the business or the industry you are in. Most nicely, almost 99% of the business you can use Video and it greate choice to have the Video for more structural growth.

Is That Possible To Grow A Brand Only Using Video?

Clearly possible. Because Video has undivided power itself to connect with the human emotion very deeper level. Its genuinely true beauty of digital advertising today. 

How Animation Video Works?

It mostly works creating the cartoon character of your business story and makes it REAL using visual massages and outlines that easy to understand and follow.