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Ultimate Facebook Advertising Service In BD

BOOST the Facebook page to MAXIMIZE your Followers, Bottom-line Profit & Grow The BRAND at the same time

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Facebook Marketing service in Bangladesh

Your Facebook Advertising Assistance

Transformation Marketing Tools to Grow Brand

Boost Your Page

Facebook is the largest most functional advertising social media tool to grow business online today. You can immediately and instantly connect with your audience through the well-customized page that practically enable your business to grow, such as authority manner.

In modern advertising, the opportunity of using Facebook is endless. And while you boost your page, it stats growing effortlessly and mechanically when you do it right to meet your dream ROI.

Increase Your Followers

As you can see, one of the first most crucial aspects of Facebook is followers. And the more followers you have, the more of them you would able to convert into real cash.

So when you have a business page, when you have the better content there, when you have proper engagement consistently. It automatically reinforces the page as well as business to grow more and more. You also able to attract more NEW audience into your business. Who previously had a little interest in your product.

Increase Page Engagement

In digital advertising, nothing can hold the same power the way engagement does. Because it shows the real action to the audience participation to your page.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are selling Food or Fashion product when you have pure engagement on your page you are good to go.

And “Softghor” offering a very professional approach to exponentially increase your engagement to produce maximum profit through your business page.


Social proof is very important for generating the massive value from the market you are serving. Psychologically we like to share 90% of the time because of social proof.

So when you become aware and notice carefully, you will find general people like something because other people do the same. They share because other people already did it.

Social proof is very very important and mostly when it comes to Facebook marketing. And the coolest news is you would use it for your branding advantages to radically amplify it.

Mobile Focused Marketing

As you can see, 96% of the mobile user uses their Facebook mostly via mobile devices. So when you are in Facebook advertising the biggest most magnificent way to win the game to target the mobile. So many marketers still making a huge mistake not to optimizing advertising for mobile devices.

Ask yourself, do you want a better response from your advertising effort? Do you want quality marketing that makes your audience get you immediately, find you immediately and take offer whenever they need?

It’s all possible ONLY when you are on the mobile. So pay attention to mobile advertising and take the full advantage that previously you lose.

Facebook Marketing Packages that fit Every Budget!

Fastest and most affordable promotion of the business will bring you maximum success!
  • Stater
    • 5000 Monthly
      • Facebook & Instagram Post Modification upto 3
      • Facebook & Instagram Post Banner Design upto 3
      • Blogging & News up to 500 Word
      • One Facebook Cover Photo
      • Special Day Posts

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  • Economy
    • 10000 Monthly
      • Facebook & Instagram Post Modification upto 6
      • Facebook & Instagram Post Banner Design upto 6
      • Blogging & News up to 1000 Word
      • One Facebook Cover Photo
      • Special Day Posts

    • Order Now
  • Deluxe
    • 15000 Monthly
      • Facebook & Instagram Post Modification upto 12
      • Facebook & Instagram Post Banner Design upto 12
      • Blogging & News up to 2000 Word
      • Two Facebook Cover Photo
      • Special Day Posts

    • Order Now
  • Ultimate
    • 20000 Monthly
      • Facebook & Instagram Post Modification upto 16
      • Facebook & Instagram Post Banner Design upto 16
      • Blogging & News up to 3000 Word
      • Three Facebook Cover Photo
      • Special Day Posts

    • Order Now

How It Exactly Works

Step by step process we optimize your page to grow

Research Your Market

Have you ever ask yourself who your audience is? What they genuinely want? How carefully can you connect with them for both of your advantages? Remember, the pillar of advertising is proper research. The more you know your market, the further you would able to strongly communicate, connect, and serve them real honestly larger profit.

Target Exact Audience

Who is your exact audience? How did they feel about YOUR specific product or service? Or what kind of challenges is the most disaster for them are genuinely crucial before running your Facebook campaign. You cannot target everyone from everywhere. You just need to be selective while you are targeting, and this will save you money, effort, and investment together.

Produce Standard Content

The true quality content always creates value to the audience’s mind. We mostly focus on the quality content to engage with it, find it reasonable, like it share with others, and wait to see more. As a result, you will get more audience in the shortest time. Just putting the valuable content.

Tracking & Optimization

If you don’t know what kind of result you are getting from your effort, energy, and activities, then your investment will be in danger. Maybe it will cost you more money, take more time, and burn your brain without letting you know what’s happening.

And the good news is now you don’t need to worry about any of those consequences at all. Why?

Because we TRACK everything we do for our ad campaign. So it automatically inform us what happening inside the campaign and tell us what to change, what to keep running, and what to kill? And SoftGhore offers you that to implement in your business so you would get the same result as you always dreamed about.

Start The Campaign

After the research, we create your Facebook campaign. The process would exactly target your audience and invite them to connect with the page, so they get the most value from your business page or whatever you are offering. When they see your post, page, offer or anything you invite them to enjoy or entertain.

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Why Facebook Advertising?

Facebook mainly considered as the king of Social media. 60.6% of the whole internet user is regularly using Facebook for entertain, learn, news, work, business, make fun with friends, and so on so forth. So how do you use Facebook for business marketing, or growing brand or selling product? Here is the catch, Facebook itself designed the marketing tools for business to meet your marketing goal. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Bulgaria, Bahamas, or Bangladesh everyone can access her business page from anywhere on the planet and let the audience know about the business, so they are able to take tremendous action. When you become aware and see the very recent statistics of Facebook, you will immediately find there are 2.45 Billion of the monthly active user of Facebook. More than 80 Million business page already exists, and the only USA user is 69%. Want to know about Bangladesh? It’s now 97.23% of the whole population uses Facebook “following the GS Stat Counter report”. So if you think about the opportunity its endless for business to accomplish. Why…? Because when most of the audience you will get the ONE single place. It a massive gain because it takes less money to advertise, but the result is much more attractive. Because you don’t need to make so much content for everywhere, you don’t need to use too many people to advertise. So if you find your own reasons, to grow your business, understanding how it works, and how to accelerate it for the smartest result to become more and more. Then “SoftGhor always on your side and your corner means you have extraordinary opportunity to grow in the digital world.

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The Outstanding Advantages of Facebook Advertising

Explore & Experience The Remarkable Results

Generate More Customers & Followers

Do you want a massive amount of target audience those who have a real interest in your business, product or service?

Do you want a consistent customer, so you never need to worry about that?

The breath of businesses is customers. The number of customers will represent how big your business is and how it’s truly influential in the real world.

Facebook advertising designed to increase your customer more than any previous time. So your business gets a flood of the audience that you could ever imagine before!

Facebook Marketing service in Bangladesh
Facebook Marketing service in Bangladesh

Increase The Sales

Selling is the really most profound art and urgency of business. We promised to install quality marketing that makes the process nearly automated. What it would be if your produce and service will sell itself.

What would it be if your audience comes to you and order the product and you never use the word buy before?

That is the mechanical process we apply into a business to make more sales. Have you ever realize…

No sales = No Profit =No Revenue =No ROI ?

So when you want to maximize your sales really conveniently. Then we offer really extraordinary FB Advertising that not only designed for well-structured marketing but also increase your bottom line sales too.

Build YOUR Reputation

Reputation is another most highly valued elements of the business. Customers sometimes buy your product or service because of their reputation.

And typically, it comes from how well you connect with the audience’s needs. It built with how congruently you understand their problem and solves those. It magnifies how beautiful the product you have and much more.

For good branding, reputation obviously has massive value if you plan for something really big. And if you find yourself in that position, then “SoftGhor” Facebook advertising will genuinely build your reputation even no one ever know you before.

facebook marketing service
Facebook Marketing service in Bangladesh

Turn The Audience Into Profit

The fun of Facebook advertising is you would be able to create the right kind of action through your marketing that enables it to automatically turns into profit.


And the more profit you want, the more action you need simply.

SoftGhor Facebook advertising will give you quite a proven strategy of working for Facebook NOW.

You will not only get more audience into your business but also get more action, more sales, and more profit really quickly.

facebook marketing service

Consistent Brand Growth

Consistency is the key personality for the business itself. Because when you are entirely focused on your brand regularly communicate and connect with your audience, they will immediately sense it. That genuinely represents your brand to your target market quite congruently. And the audience will Find themself to engage with your brand more and more. Do you repeatedly want more customers to visit your page? Do you want them frequently to see your offer and take it anyway? Our Facebook advertising offers you all those together to potentially grow your business the way you always wish for.

Most Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Why Facebook advertising so effective in the digital world?

It because most of the audience today use Facebook rather than other Online Platforms. And the opportunity here you don’t need to search or find them, they will find you through your marketing message.

Does it possible to do branding through Facebook?

Obviously, it does. You can dramatically grow your brand using the tested Facebook marketing strategy whenever you need it.

What kind of business works most through Facebook advertising?

There is no exact requirement. It works for any business that has products to sell.  And you can do advertising for your own benefits.

Can i increase the audience through Facebook advertising?

Yeah sure. Our marketing process designed to increase the response of the audience. So you obviously able to increase the audience through Facebook advertising.

Is that possible to sell more product through Facebook?

Surely. Because when the audience loves your content, they will attract your business more and more, as a result, they would like to buy from you repeatedly.

Should I Target Everyone in Bangladesh For My Campaign?

If you do that, it will immediately kill you all the investment and give your terrific ROI. To face this challenge super responsive way you need to know who to target and how to get them on your page. And “Softghor” gives you the exact math. So you will get people who already have some kind of interest in your business.

How long should i Run My Marketing Campaign?

It depends on your business type and how long you want to run your business. Remember growing business is all about how smart marketing you are doing. The stronger the marketing approach you have, the more your business will grow. So if you want to keep your business alive, marketing will fuel it to stay that way.