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Custom Software Development Company in Bangladesh



SOFTGHOR is one of the fastest growing software development company in Bangladesh. Softghor develops all kinds of custom software like custom office management software, CRM, POS, mobile app, industry management software, account management software, inventory management software, training management software, school/college/university management software, result management software etc. Besides these, Softghor has developed more than 50 custom software for many industries and organizations.

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What is custom software?


Custom software means customized software for your office, workstation, industry, etc. Custom software helps you to track all the working process easily. At the same time, you can check over all status of your company or business. You can maintain all everything of your company with the help of the custom software.It is also called bespoke software or tailor-made software. However, this is not only for the office or business related software. Many people build customized software for the mobile platform like Google play store or iTunes. SOFTGHOR has a well experienced team to build your effective custom app for your business or for your personal interest. We build custom apps with the technology like Laravel, Codeigniter, Vue.js, Flutter etc. We have built 50+ custom software.

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What’s our specialty in custom software development?

  • Experienced in software development


  • We offer the affordable price


  • We can customize software according to your business/requirements

  • We design user-friendly interface


  • Delivery in right time


  • 24/7 online support trough skype, anydesk and zoom

  • We ensure extra security


  • You can get all IT related support


  • We build both Cloud version and desktop version

About Our Software Developer Team


We have a well-organized team in Bangladesh to ensure you a great customized software for your business.  Our well experienced team will analyze your requirements first.

Our UI designer will design a user friendly interface for your app. Our skilled programmers will ensure you secure app for your business .Our team members are dedicated to solve your specific problem.

The most important fact is after sales support which you will get easily from our developer team.

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Custom Software Development

What we promise with our Software

We fulfill customer’s requirements

We develop secure software because we value your business privacy.

We ensure user friendly design

24/7 support

Our Technology

Area We Have Covered


School, College, University, Online Learning Platform


Banks, Insurance, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Securities Agents and Brokers


Apparel and Accessories, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing, Tools, Hardware and Light Machinery, Furniture Manufacturing, Nonalcoholic Beverages

Real Estate

Heavy Infrastructure Building, Architecture and Engineering, Construction Equipment and Supplies, Construction and Remodeling


Automobile Dealers, Automobile Parts and Supplies, Coffee and Liquor Stores, Clothing and Shoe Stores, Restaurants, E-commerce store


Hospitals, Biotechnology, Diagnostic Laboratories, Doctors and Health Care Practitioners

Build Your Successful App



In Bangladesh, most of the software companies can’t deliver software with 100% requirements of any clients. In this case we are one step ahead of the other companies in Bangladesh. Our most of the clients are from the Europe. We maintain international standards.  Firstly, we analyze the client’s requirements then we make proper plan and strategy. After creating an app our quality controller checks it intensively. This is how we make quality software for your company in Bangladesh. Don’t forget about the support after sales. You may face thousands of problems, our dedicated team is ready to help you 24/7.

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Do what you want

Our developer team is ready to complete your requirements. You will not face any problem which you face with other software development company in Bangladesh. We are the fastest growing app development company in Bangladesh only for filling up customer requirements and support after sales. We have created more than 50+custom or bespoke software and we also we more than 400 customers in Bangladesh as well as in the UK. We have the knowledge to organize your business with a software. We have already acquired the sufficient knowledge to serve any Bangladeshi company. As we have made various type software for types of companies we know well how to optimize your requirements. You can check our work portfolio any time at our face. You can get a free consultation from us.

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Choosing us

There are thousands custom software development companies in Bangladesh, this is not so easy to find out the right software development company for your business. Before choosing any company, make sure yourself about the support after
sales. Softghor has already completed many projects like CRM, inventory management, Point of sales, HR management, Result management, Coaching management, Bricks management, Water Filter Business software etc. Besides these, we have developed many company management software. As we have developed many company management custom software in Bangladesh you can rely on us without any hesitation. Keep yourself in touch with us for the best of your company.

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Our developed custom Software Portfolio


We have been selling products for two years but we have achieved a milestone in selling custom software in Bangladesh. We are the best custom development company because we have built some exceptional software in Bangladesh. It is not possible to uphold all the software in one web page. However, we are going to showhere some popular software in Bangladesh. We have built many industry-office based software such accounting, office management, brick company management, Water supplier company management software etc. At the same time we have also developed education management software like school management, college management, university management as well as university result management software. Besides these, we have developed many personal work management software.

University Result Management:



This app can manage university result with one click. You can manage semester result, final result in a minute. This is an exceptional app in Bangladesh. To know more contact with us

Filter Water Supply Management:



This app can manage all the work of a water supplier company. Jar management, invoice management, sms and many more can be controlled with this app.

Point of sale (POS) :


You can manage your shop with this app. Don’t think about the stock, account, invoice, inventory and many more. If you have a shop you can check this. To know more contact with us and share your requirement.

Client Database Management:


You can manage data of your clients. This app will suggest you call, SMS, reminder, meeting etc.

Training Organization:


You can manage training institute. You can easily handle the courses, student data, reminder etc.

School Management:


This is for school management. It will save your time. There are many features. To know more please contact with us.

Co-operative Association Management:


This app is for the co-operative society. You can control micro-credit organization with one click.

Rent a Car Management:


This app is for rent a car business. You can easily handle clients, cars, schedule etc.

Agent CRM


Agent CRM is an office management software. You can check office working status in a click. To know more please contact with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Software Development Save You Money?

When employees through single business management software can perform tasks like filling in time sheets, making customer contacts, creating quotes and invoices, completing projects it is obvious that money is saved. And there will be auto-generated report so anytime from anywhere, you as an entrepreneur has the privilege to have a look all over the process. Roopokar can be your first choice of Software Development Company in Bangladesh do contact us for more.

How do Software benefits an organization in a diversified environment?

How would it be if all the information in a business operation can be available in a software where the managers and decision makers can evaluate data, discuss among them and make important decisions. Nowadays, business process has become more complex, hazy and more diversified. When all the information could be available to all, the network of decision makers would make the task easier in this business environment. Also, Software can be a very good way to survey people and pass the information of customer needs to the operating table. Roopokar plays a very important role in energizing the business operations through software development in Bangladesh.

How does Software Development make your daily activities faster?

Many people work on a business organization which is sometimes difficult to operate. The software provides a platform where the employee can communicate with one another at the shortest period of time possible. It makes the business operations run faster and operate in the most accurate way possible. It is also a very efficient way to pass the customer reviews to the operating table. Roopokar can provide you the best experience of software development in Bangladesh.

What kind of Software solutions are available for different industries?

Roopokar, a software development company in Bangladesh provides a wide range of variety software providing services in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2008, it has been working on making innovative and effective software for various business operations. Its variety of business subjective software includes HRM, Accounting, POS (Point of Sales), Commercial, Inventory management, Digital asset management etc. Besides, for various garment companies, Roopokar has Garments ERP suite that provides a wide range of software services at a time.